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Aug. 23rd, 2008 05:34 pm
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We had lunch at McDonalds at the kids' request. happy meals for them, a $1 double cheeseburger and apples for me. been a while since i've had fruit. it tasted really sweet, but was yummy.

kids ate well, as they always do for me, and then we headed out on an adventure. Boonshoft it is! we were all pretty overwhelmed, i think. i thought their little heads would explode when they saw the giant dinosaur skeleton coming out of the wall at the entrance. :)

ran into my coworker Doug, his girlfriend Melissa, and her 14mo old nephew walking out as we walked in. he gave me shit for skipping two days of work and being out playing. we fussed over each other's kids and went on our way.

i can say, without a doubt, i know EXACTLY why Erica hates other people's kids: THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!!!!! running, screaming, pushing, ugh! G1 and G2 were by far the best-behaved kids - they were excited, yeah, but they did NOT torment the other kids there or take off running or shriek to communicate with me.

i started to melt down, and grace looked overwhelmed, so we left before it closed. i'd definitely take them back, perhaps with another adult to tag-team them. maybe i should drag the whole trumpet-family there.

next stop was Blockbuster for movies. then krogers for essentials like milk and bread and stuff for breakfast.

kids are watching a movie now for "quiet time" and then we'll do dinner, probably the other short movie, and then off to bed.

tomorrow is still up in the air. there's two more movies (one is a surprise - Goonies!), and possibly the AF museum or the Art museum, both on the way back to cincy.

ok, time to clean up for dinner, and shovel a path to the sofabed they'll be sleeping on tonight. good call mommy on having them bring a bedtime lovey. disaster averted!


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