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Here's the photos to go with my wild-n-crazy day with [livejournal.com profile] ericainohio, [livejournal.com profile] trumpetdaddy and their kidlets!

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Erica's got the full load of photos i took yesterday (minus the late-night sewing ones -- i'll get those to her soon) -- about 90 total. since i have a digicam and it doesn't cost anything to take the photos, just print them, i tend to be a little obnoxious about taking pics. :-)
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[all photos are over here in their own post!]

Yesterday, i spent the day with the TrumpetFamily.

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not if you're using ljtoys.

i have dial-up 'net (yes, i know i live in the dark ages). a while back i set my lj preferences to use placeholders for any graphic or image on my friends page to keep things speedy. only an inconvenience if i'm in a hurry. on slow 'net days, it's a big help to not time out while photos and stuff loads on my snail's pace of a connection.

the way the ljtoys monitor thingey works is by putting a tiny (1 pixel?) thingey in your post ... which, to me with my settings, shows up as a photo/graphic placeholder. when i make clicky on the placeholder, or view the entry, there's nothing there.

so, i can SEE your invisible hidden ljtoys spying thing. it's probably not a huge deal, since i'm probably the only person left on the planet who uses dialup, and therefore has a need for image/graphic placeholders on LJ, but i thought i'd throw this out there so those who think they're being all sneaky are not, really, and DIAL UP SEES ALL.

so :P

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(entry is public 'cause i am soliciting advice/opinions. feel free to link to this or pass on to someone who might enjoy educating me)

the quick version of my problem: leaky toilet tank ---> squishy soaked carpeting in my downstairs bath. slab foundation, luckily, but a townhouse (do i need to tell my neighbor that my bathroom floor is soaked? will it seep through to his side?)

what is the right way to rip up old carpet? is there a wrong way? i'd say it's glued down to cement, 30+ yrs ago. i've got a metal strip between the bathroom and the hallway, which i guess functions as a bridge between the two different types of carpet. i'd guess that should come up first?

do i need to remove the baseboards? if my carpet is soaked, i'm guessing it'll ruin my baseboards in due time. how do i remove baseboards?

what safety precautions should i be taking? no bare feet, no help from the kittyboys?

the floor is about 38" wide by 5-6 ft, minus the toilet. this is the downstairs bath, and gets the most use, so i'd like a high-quality flooring that won't wear quickly, but i'm not in a position to shell out an obscene amount of money.

single sheet of linoleum? peel-and-stick linoleum-type stuff? (that's what is in my kitchen and the entryways, and the previous owners left me the extras, but it's not enough of either color to do this bathroom; i checked already) snap-together pergo-type floor? ceramic tile? what are my options?

oh, how i wish i had a clue about this stuff. ideas? suggestions? opinions? links? help?!
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it's fall, which means it's pumpkin bread season. many people have mentioned baking, and a few have asked for a recipe. i've been told that my mom's pumpkin bread is the best stuff ever, so i'm going to share the recipe here. it's a photocopy of the original from the old old cookbook -- the only recipe we've ever used from it, as far as i know.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The secret to this pumpkin bread is to BEAT IT VERY WELL. if you have a stand mixer, it'll be easier. beat the sugar/shortning well. add the eggs and beat until it's very pale yellow and fluffy like frosting or cake batter -- the gritty look from the sugar should be gone. again when you add the flour, beat it til it lightens up some and is really floofy. this isn't a quickbread where you can over-work it and it gets tough. beating the crap outta it makes it all tender and fluffy like a cake.

because it expands a bit when you beat it, you'll need a REALLY big bowl if you're going to do a double batch. i have a sink-sized bowl that i use just for this.

[public post - feel free to link]


Aug. 28th, 2006 06:57 pm
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work today kicked my ass. Big Operations Meeting tomorrow, in house, so my day was spent busting ass for M while digging out from missing last friday. i stayed 45 minutes late and still had at least another 2 hrs of things to do.

there is a cat outside my back door/window meowing his poor little head off. not sure if he's a visiting kitty at my neighbor's, or a lost kitty from nearby. either way, it's making me a little nutty. i couldn't figure out where it was coming from for the longest time, and my boys were both accounted for. please stop messing with the crazylady.

going to feed myself some sort of tummy-settling dinner and then i'll move my sorry ass to the couch to knit. bedtime will come early tonight, and i expect i'm tired enough i'll actually SLEEP, too.

the sad-and-lonlys are here again. :P
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because i'm feeling supremely lazy and don't want to bother to chop veggies for a salad, tomorrow i'm having a gluten-containing lunch. crumbles with taco sauce in corn tortilla shells. gluten is the first ingredient in the crumbles.

most curious to see/hear what my body thinks of this. tomorrow, i promise, i will chop veggies for salads. *appeals to the kindness of my crisper*

why me?

Dec. 28th, 2005 07:47 am
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Sick again. not just "sick," but the flu. high fever, chills, shakes, and, for about two hours yesterday afternoon, numb and purple fingertips.

like an idiot, i worked until 5pm. was an absolute mess by the time i got home, and called dad, hysterical and crying. they brought me sprite and crackers and sat with me a bit until i calmed down. i've been popping tylenol and trying to sleep ever since.

needless to say, i'm not working today. tomorrow isn't looking so good, either, unless today improves greatly.

so cranky. so sick of being sick.

won't get to see joel and joni during their quickie visit. but i'm keeping my tradition of being sick over new years. :P
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Mom actually got this recipe from someone named Lorene Eldridge. no clue who she is. This dish was only served at the holidays -- Easter and Xmas. not sure why, but it was always a nice treat.

[edit: figured out why they're "special occasion only" -- they take for freaking EVER to make! 45 minutes to boil the potatoes, time to cool, peel and shred, and then the endless stirring to melt the cheese, and an hour to bake. *collapses*]

8 large potatoes
1 cup milk
1/4 lb grated cheddar cheese
1/4 lb grated mild cheese
1/2 pint whipping cream* (not whipped!)
1 tsp mustard
pepper to taste
1/2 cup chopped onion

Boil potatoes with jackets on. cool, peel and grate into baking dish. heat other ingredients together until cheese melts. pour over potatoes. sprinkle with paprika. bake one hour at 325.

Can be made ahead and refrigerated

* i have trouble finding whipping cream at the holidays, so i just use 2 cups half-and-half for the milk and cream.
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'cause Dani asked nicely.

recipe for tonight's dinner )

mine never come out pretty, but they always come out good. i think it freezes OK, but it's been a while and i don't remember. honestly, i usually eat it up pretty quickly.


Aug. 2nd, 2005 08:09 pm
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I leave for vacation next week.

i like to send postcards when on vacation.

if you want a post card from me from the wilds of Michigan, leave a comment w/your address and i'll send you one.

comments are screened so no one can steal your address and TP your house or anything.
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As some of you may know, i'm the victim of identity theft. Specifically, someone (a man with a birthdate in 1967) is using my name exactly as i use it to pass bad checks back in 2000 and 2001. I first learned of this in January when i had to get fingerprinted for my job and an arrest warrent showed up for me (under my name, a different social, date of birth, and sex), and it popped up again in August when i bought my home. Today, when i called a check-printing company to find out the status of my new check order, I was told that my original order in September failed ALL of the fraud checkpoints, and i've been banned from ever ordering anything from them. *gulp*
Since i was at work with online access, i Googled "identity theft" and found an official-looking site ---The Federal Trade Commission -- and got to work. First thing it said to do was put a fraud alert on my credit reports with Trans Union, Experian and Equifax. Call one company, and they'll alert the other two, and all three will send free copies of my credit report. (as a bonus, i'll stop getting pre-approved credit card offers! hooray!!). Second thing it said to do was file a police report.

The officer just left, and the report has been filed. Sadly, there's not too much they can do, and the chances of catching the SOB who's exploiting my good name are pretty slim. luckily, this is the one crime where i can file the complaint and it can be prosecuted from here, no matter where the actual crime took place. (technically, the companies that issued the credit are the victims, but the law for identity theft is different from other laws, so in this instance it's working to my benefit).

Things i've learned:
*Get my credit report from ALL THREE credit reporting bureaus EVERY YEAR. had i been doing this all along, i'd have found out right away, not three years later, that someone was using my name to pass bad checks in three states.

*Close all credit card accounts that aren't active. having a zero balance isn't good enough ... if the account is still active, it can be used against ya (both by identity thieves and lenders when scoring your credit; you have the *potential* to run up those credit accounts)

*don't have your checks mailed to your home when you order them. The officer told me this one ~ if someone takes them out of your mailbox, the ways in which that information can be used is endless. order checks through your bank, and pick them up at the bank. (from working in a bank, i know this can be done ... it's just inconvenient)

*The Federal Trade Commission website is the single best resource for victims of identity theft. The officer told me the FTC had all the info i needed, and said that if i follow their directions, i'm doing everything i can and should do. He said to make sure i file a complaint with the FTC, and they pass the info on to the Secret Service (!!!). unless it's over $100,000 per individual (mine's about $1500), or is part of a larger ring of theft, the Secret Service kicks it back to the local law enforcement to handle. they do, apparently, keep track of all complaints, so with any luck, it'll put me one step closer to catching this jerk.

The warrant for "my" arrest is a different story. since this creep isn't using my SS#, it'll be harder to clear up. the SS# he's using will show up under my name as a secondary SS#, and should i get pulled over/arrested for unrelated reasons, it'll be pretty hairy til we get things straightened out. I couldn't get him to tell me how to handle this should it happen, but having a police report on file documenting this ought to help.

i'm still really frustrated, but at least i'm FINALLY doing something about this. i can't stress enough how important it is to get your credit report from all three companies every year. i could've saved myself a LOT of trouble had a spent the $14 per report.....
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For those of you planning on seeing the third LOTR movie at the theater her are some survival tips.

no, really! )

Go me!

Sep. 2nd, 2003 02:16 pm
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figured out how to use the condo's washer without having a complete breakdown. seems i forgot to flip that breaker switch after the power was restored last week. oops.

managed to get to work on time today, even.

going to take it easy tonight. no point killing myself to move in the rain again. besides, there's plenty to be unpacked and put away as it is. not knowing where things are is driving me crazy. note to self from stomach: eat something other than ice cream for dinner.

M dropped by w/her brother earlier. it was soooo good to see her, even though i just spent four days with her.

paid my final rent today. julie's very excited for me.

haven't heard from the family since yesterday's "are you going to drop everything and come to our mid-afternoon shin-dig?" nonsense.

not having my computer at my condo is weird, but not having a phone is kinda nice. i don't have cellphone reception in my front room, and only moderate reception in the back of the house, so it's easy for me to claim that as an excuse for parental avoidance.
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as of right now, my closing is slated for 6pm today. about frickin' time!
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Plastic bags of any kind scare the crap outta my kitty, Sam. at the slightest plastic bag rustling noise, he's making a run for the far reaches of the house to hide.

Bubble wrap, however, does not qualify as "plastic bag" and furthermore, must somehow be an enemy that must be dealt with.

oh, how i wish i had a digital camera to capture the resulting carnage. The bubble wrap put up one helluva fight, and just about made it to freedom, but was no match for my samkitty.

note to self: distract samkitty with food or catnip when using foam peanuts
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dunno if this is the friday five or what, but i lifted it from [livejournal.com profile] cjsmith

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tonight's plan:

call phone company about move
email realtor about electric company's demands to get service in my name
make up stuffed shells for freezer
finish packing bookshelves upstairs
pack up framed pics
spend quality time w/my grrl
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a quarter-sized chunk of my enamel stovetop has decided to detach itself in a very crumbly fashion and make a run for freedom.



Aug. 15th, 2003 02:32 pm
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just talked w/my mortgage guy ... looks like i'll be able to close on my condo either next friday or the following monday. hooray!

guess this means i need to get my arse moving on the packing!!
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