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(entry is public 'cause i am soliciting advice/opinions. feel free to link to this or pass on to someone who might enjoy educating me)

the quick version of my problem: leaky toilet tank ---> squishy soaked carpeting in my downstairs bath. slab foundation, luckily, but a townhouse (do i need to tell my neighbor that my bathroom floor is soaked? will it seep through to his side?)

what is the right way to rip up old carpet? is there a wrong way? i'd say it's glued down to cement, 30+ yrs ago. i've got a metal strip between the bathroom and the hallway, which i guess functions as a bridge between the two different types of carpet. i'd guess that should come up first?

do i need to remove the baseboards? if my carpet is soaked, i'm guessing it'll ruin my baseboards in due time. how do i remove baseboards?

what safety precautions should i be taking? no bare feet, no help from the kittyboys?

the floor is about 38" wide by 5-6 ft, minus the toilet. this is the downstairs bath, and gets the most use, so i'd like a high-quality flooring that won't wear quickly, but i'm not in a position to shell out an obscene amount of money.

single sheet of linoleum? peel-and-stick linoleum-type stuff? (that's what is in my kitchen and the entryways, and the previous owners left me the extras, but it's not enough of either color to do this bathroom; i checked already) snap-together pergo-type floor? ceramic tile? what are my options?

oh, how i wish i had a clue about this stuff. ideas? suggestions? opinions? links? help?!


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