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Happy Abby in the baby jail with aunt Cyd.

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the pitter-patter of little feet sounds a lot more like a rumbling herd of buffalo. what are they doing upstairs?

the cats keep coming to me, as if to say "what ARE these creatures, and when will they stop? tearing up the house and racing around is OUR job!"
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File this under "i'd never believe it if i hadn't been there":

Babies are amazing creatures. totally helpless, yet also totally in control of their humans. Take baby Niko. Friday night, he started up that frantic screaming that only newborns can do, the kind of screaming that says "I'm starving! feed me! OMG the world is coming to an end! You're not doing it right! hurry up already! no! not like that! Mommy doesn't do it THAT way!!!" all at once while flailing and trying to throw himself out of my arms. so tiny, and so powerful.

now, i'd like to think that i'm pretty baby-savvy for a non-mom. i've beeing doing child care since i was 12, and well, that's a really long time. i'm not perfect, but i'd like to think i've got some experience, and maybe i've seen it all.

Then Derek turned on the shop-vac to clean up a moving-mess in the kitchen.

**i** jumped from the noise. Niko, however, went from screaming, flailing, fish-out-of-water to a limp, peaceful, calm, sleeping infant. INSTANTLY. my god, i think he might've even SMILED.

so there i am, half-startled myself from the shop-vac, holding a ready bottle for the formerly shrieking-starving infant, and he's blissed out. i looked at Erica in disbelief. now i'd heard that sometimes noise or vibration can calm and infant, but my experience - positive and negative - is limited.

on the one hand, i was glad that Niko has stopped shrieking. on the other hand, he wanted NOTHING to do with the bottle i'd rushed to get for him. twerp. Erica just shrugged and said "yeah, all my babies like the vacuum." well, that's a new one on me. Douglas sorta liked the vibrating bouncy seat, but i don't think Andrew cares about it.

the bottle was not wasted, though. while daddy finished shop-vaccing, we took babies upstairs for jammies and diapers, and the spell was broken, and the little guy remembered that he was hungry, starving even, and Crazy Aunt Cyd sprung back into action, changing, diapering and feeding like a semi-pro.
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Proof of life! Kids happily coloring while i clean up and stuff.


Aug. 23rd, 2008 10:22 pm
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i think the kids are FINALLY asleep. ugh. this is the part i don't like. i don't like to be the bad guy, but i also don't like them wrestling and bouncing all over the bed when i've told them THREE TIMES to be quiet and go to sleep. stomping loudly into their room seemed to make an impression.

laundry load #1 is done, will finish tomorrow. need sleep now! i don't have the energy these kids have!!

this morning they tried to wake me up from the FAR side of the basement by saying "beep beep! time to wake up, we want breakfast!" in their tiny voices. i wonder what they'll do tomorrow? i did tell them they could play with the doll house or color at the table, and we'd eat when i got up. still, better set that alarm. *yawns*

yeah, they're asleep. my house is SO QUIET.
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Before first soccer game! So excited!


Aug. 23rd, 2008 05:38 pm
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Jailbirds! At boonshoft.

Round 1

Aug. 23rd, 2008 05:34 pm
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We had lunch at McDonalds at the kids' request. happy meals for them, a $1 double cheeseburger and apples for me. been a while since i've had fruit. it tasted really sweet, but was yummy.

kids ate well, as they always do for me, and then we headed out on an adventure. Boonshoft it is! we were all pretty overwhelmed, i think. i thought their little heads would explode when they saw the giant dinosaur skeleton coming out of the wall at the entrance. :)

ran into my coworker Doug, his girlfriend Melissa, and her 14mo old nephew walking out as we walked in. he gave me shit for skipping two days of work and being out playing. we fussed over each other's kids and went on our way.

i can say, without a doubt, i know EXACTLY why Erica hates other people's kids: THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!!!!! running, screaming, pushing, ugh! G1 and G2 were by far the best-behaved kids - they were excited, yeah, but they did NOT torment the other kids there or take off running or shriek to communicate with me.

i started to melt down, and grace looked overwhelmed, so we left before it closed. i'd definitely take them back, perhaps with another adult to tag-team them. maybe i should drag the whole trumpet-family there.

next stop was Blockbuster for movies. then krogers for essentials like milk and bread and stuff for breakfast.

kids are watching a movie now for "quiet time" and then we'll do dinner, probably the other short movie, and then off to bed.

tomorrow is still up in the air. there's two more movies (one is a surprise - Goonies!), and possibly the AF museum or the Art museum, both on the way back to cincy.

ok, time to clean up for dinner, and shovel a path to the sofabed they'll be sleeping on tonight. good call mommy on having them bring a bedtime lovey. disaster averted!
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Playing in general store at boonshoft museum.

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Just got to my house with G1 and G2, for an overnight visit with Crazy Aunt Cyd. while i research options for outings, they are playing happily with my antique-ish, hand-made doll house. Grace is distressed that there are no DOLLS for the doll house, just furniture. oops.

options for today/tomorrow include the Air Force museum (free), the Art museum (free) and the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery (not free). we also need to get lunch, and some basic foodstuffs like milk and ketchup. will probably also treat them to a movie each from blockbuster.

the cats are OMGPISSED OFF about me being gone for 48 hours. i haven't been upstairs to see the damage.

let the adventures begin!!!
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Abby being not crabby!

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Lunch at ruby tuesday. Kids are so good 4 me!

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Shelf paper in linen closet. Big kids playing in their room. Moving along!

Baby Niko

Aug. 22nd, 2008 10:25 am
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Baby niko

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Day 1 of moving chez trumpetfamily. Heres hoping all goes well!
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Erica's birth story, from the point of view of Auntie Cyd.

the intro )

Monday )

wednesday, July 16th )
laborland )
when the going gets tough, the tough go out )
Gabriel and Grace's Grand Adventure )
meeting brother and sister )
Thursday )
Friday )

I'm really glad that i could be part of the birth of Abigail and Nikolas, even though i wasn't there for the birth itself. i'm glad she trusts me with her kids, to take them all over creation and not lose them or hurt them or sell them to the gypsies. being a part of their family and sharing in this big life-changing event means so very much to me.
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Here's the photos to go with my wild-n-crazy day with [livejournal.com profile] ericainohio, [livejournal.com profile] trumpetdaddy and their kidlets!

sewing )
Soccer! )
Someone's in the kitchen with mommy! )
Miss Cyd! Look at meeeee! )

Erica's got the full load of photos i took yesterday (minus the late-night sewing ones -- i'll get those to her soon) -- about 90 total. since i have a digicam and it doesn't cost anything to take the photos, just print them, i tend to be a little obnoxious about taking pics. :-)
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